The 9th Glenn Gould Prize

I had an exciting time this morning at the announcement of the 9th Glenn Gould Prize.

There was a delightful performance of Beethoven's Spring sonata by students Emma (11) and Tony (12).

Shortly afterwards, they introduced the jury members, which included Atom Egoyan, Gary Graffman, and (a highlight for me because I'm an enormous fan) Stephen Fry.

Then the recipient was announced - Leonard Cohen. Everyone applauded enthusiastically and I don't think I was alone in glancing around the room half-expecting to see the man himself!

Alas he did not appear (deliberations concluded only last night) but he did send a message to be read.

There will be an official award event at a later date.

You can read more about it all here

And here's Mr. Fry!!

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