I went through something very strange a little while ago. I had a falling out with words.
Words, which have, for as long as I can remember, been my trusted and comfortable companions.

You see, it occurred to me, and I'm not quite sure why it hadn't done before, that words can be horribly deceitful things. People can use them willy nilly without meaning any of them. We can be surrounded with words, deceiving others or even ourselves without even knowing it.

And for some reason, I decided that I was very cross with them for that, and that perhaps I didn't trust them any more, and that perhaps I needed less of them around for a while. I decided it was time to stop listening to words and to start listening to actions, if you get what I mean. It's all very well to say something, but is what you are saying reflected in action, or are you saying one thing and doing something completely different?

Anyway, all of this sort of made my head spin and ache and I felt a little lost, because I've always been a bookworm and I've always loved words.

Words have always been sort of magical to me: the discovery of a new word, unfurling it's meaning, feeling it curl around your mouth and slip away from your tongue, seeing words assembled into interesting sentences, the vision that leaps out from a particularly well crafted scene.

But silly me - it isn't words that are the deceitful things, and it isn't even that they are all that reliable or trustworthy - they are just words after all.

Their power lies in how you or I choose to use them.

So I feel a lot better now, and am looking forward to cuddling up with some good words again. I won't forget to keep an eye on myself though, to make sure that what I'm doing isn't so far removed from what I'm saying.

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