Just sneaking back in here

I'm tip-toeing back into the world of my blog today. Like a lot of my wardrobe, it hasn't fit or felt quite right in some time. Things need to be dusted off and furniture needs to be rearranged. There's also a lot that should probably be put in big black bin-bags.

If you happen to pop in over the next little while, please excuse the mess, I will try to sort things out and settle back in quickly.

In the interim, here's a small thing:

Lather, Rinse Repeat

Every day she washed away pieces of him.
(Lather, rinse, repeat.)
If I keep this up
She thought,
There'll be nothing left by Christmas.

EK 2010


  1. Great to see you back! Hope all's well with the family!


  2. Thanks! Yes, we're doing fabulously here, life is very exciting at the moment!


  3. I'll bet! That's brilliant to hear!

  4. love the little poem, emma... it's evocative for me.
    so happy for you, my friend!