The second blog post of December - oh what a lot of procrastinating I've been doing since NaNoWriMo ended! Well, in my defence, it's not all been procrastination, I've just been busy with different things.

Last week I visited my family in Manitoba, which brought some early Christmas cheer.

When we arrived at my parent's house, much to my surprise and delight, Dad had already secured the Christmas tree in the living room. (He takes this task very seriously, sometimes employing the use of
discreet 'scaffolding' to ensure straightness and security.) Boxes of decorations were piled beside the bare tree.

My oldest brother, his wife and two girls were waiting at the house as well, and I had great fun decorating the tree with my Mum and nieces. In fact, everyone pitched in a little by hanging at least a couple of baubles. The tree sparkled prettily when we had finished.

I love decorating for Christmas, but the tree at Mum and Dad's house is a special occasion for me. Traditionally it's the time where my Mum and I pull out ornaments from their boxes, unwrapping them slowly, and reminding ourselves of the stories behind them.

There is one we chose years ago in Debenhams, while shopping in London on a WI bus trip, it's a beautiful long, slender silver shape, pointed at both ends. There's also various home made ornaments, some knitted, some coloured in with crayon, some made of paper, card and lashings of glue.

Every year since we've been in Canada, Mum buys a new ornament. Most of these have the year marked on them somewhere in gold or silver ink. She used to buy two - one for her tree and one to send to her Mum in England - but since I moved to Toronto she's been sending one to me as well. I think it's a lovely tradition.

Every year, Dad puts the same old angel on the top of the tree. It's one that I bought for them years ago, I don't remember much about it, except that I liked the fact that it was both a star and an angel (the angel is attached to a large star, it's all rather gaudy). We giggle at it every time, but they won't replace it - not unless I furnish them with a replacement - because it was a present from me.

Back at home this past weekend, I got a tiny little tree for our little apartment in Toronto. P and I are going to decorate it tomorrow night. A lot of our decorations are in storage (we downsized quite a bit from our last apartment) but since the tree is so tiny it won't need much. I have this year's and last year's ornaments from Mum, and a few other little ones that we've acquired in the last year and a bit, so I think it will turn out all right.

With an eye to getting caught up, I logged into my Google reader today; it tells me I have 975 unread items. So I'm going to have a peek and see what everyone's been up to in these past few weeks.

Wishing you all the very best at this festive time of year.


  1. Hi Emma- my, I don't know how I missed this post!
    Glad you you had such a nice time with family- the holidays are wondrous like that- bringing everyone together, memories... :)

  2. I've just realised it was posted with Friday's date - I actually posted it yesterday, but I started the draft on Friday, so that's why!!