NaNoWriMo Progress

I turned out to be a lot busier than I thought I would be in the days following the kick-off of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), and it wasn't due to my new and improved novelling habits...

It's day three of NaNoWriMo and I'm off to an okay start so far. I was hoping to make it to 5,000 words by the end of the day, but I might be fooling myself.

Here is how my progress has been thus far:

Day 0 - Saturday - Preparation
My husband, who had been on a business trip to LA was due back on a late flight. I decided to completely reorganise our office/studio space.
This involved:
- getting rid of an ancient computer
- taking apart my desk and getting rid of the upper shelving portion of it
- throwing away a lot of old rubbish
- emptying much of the room's contents and then putting them back together in a nicer configuration
- frantic hoovering at 10pm

At the end of it I was rewarded with a lovely writing space that glowed in the soft light of two well-placed (if I say so myself) lamps. The studio equipment formed another portion of the room, with instruments and gear being grouped nicely for accessibility.

So even though I didn't get to fleshing out character profiles and thinking more about plot issues, I was very happy to have an inviting writing area, and thankfully my husband loved the changes to the studio portion too!

Day 1 - Sunday - Beginning
Our clocks went back this weekend, so we had the added bonus of an extra hour's rest. Even so, we had a fairly lazy morning, getting out the door only just in time to meet friends of ours.
We had a lovely visit with them, and a nice stroll home. I was reluctant to spend too much time shut away from P as he'd only just come home, but I was also eager and anxious to get started. I spent nearly two hours in my writer's den, and at 1,835 words, I managed to exceed my word count goal for the day.

Day 2 - Monday
A full day in the office. I managed to take a couple of short breaks and write at lunchtime. I didn't make my word count goal of the day, but I got up to 3,400 words which meant I was still on track (the minimum word count per day in order to make it to 50,000 is 1,667 words per day).

After work I had to go straight off to meet P where we had the most amazing evening at the taping of an episode of Elvis Costello's 'Spectacle'. It was incredible, after they had everything they needed for the show, Elvis and the Imposters let loose with an impromptu concert, indulging us with 'just one more' every time.
We got back quite late as a result and morning came quickly, but it was very well worth the bleary eyes!

Day 3 - Tuesday
Today I'm not doing quite so well. The clock is ticking and I've only managed to write a measly 282 words on my breaks at work.

Tonight we are heading to my in-laws straight after work. They are snowbirds, heading south for the winter, and we want to spend some time with them before they leave this weekend.
So although it looks as though I will fall quite short of my 5,000 word target, we'll be having a nice evening, and a lovely dinner will be made for us - no complaints here.

I'm resigned to the fact that I might be playing catch-up on Wednesday and Thursday and that's okay with me. If I can make it to 10k before Saturday is up, I'll be very happy indeed.

Now - less words here - more on my manuscript!


  1. Hi Emma- I know from past experience that I had good days and not so good days as far as keeping up on my word count. I was able to make some days up fairly well and then be able to relax a bit... it all sounds good, what you are doing. I really wish I could participate this year but November has not gotten off to a good start already and I'll be busy with my mum for another couple of weeks (and I have no internet access at her house), so it would be pointless for me to start...
    Anyway- I'm blathering a bit but wanted to let you know I'm rooting for you!
    Thanks always for your kind visits as well.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience, it's good to know that I'm sort of on track!

    I wish you all the best, and hope that your Mum's health improves.


  3. And my wife is a WINNER!!!!

    Finished yesterday even though a crippling migrane almost derailed her...

    Congrats and I am humbled by your dedication and what you have achieved!!!!!!


  4. Thanks for the sweet comment my lovely husband.