Gone to the Beach

We're heading out of town for the holiday weekend, and I'm very excited about it.

At the bottom of this steep, yet deliciously tree-lined and grassy winding path, is a beautiful sandy beach.
It is a hidden gem, somewhat wild and windswept, on a quiet portion of Lake Huron's shoreline.

We visited it earlier in the summer, enjoying swimming in the cool water, picnics on the beach, and tearing around the local village on our bicycles.

So when the opportunity arose, we couldn't resist going back for one last hurrah while the warm weather is still with us.

Then it will be time for me to surrender to the cosy tweeds of autumn, and a contract on a new documentary series.

I can happily say that it has been a most wonderful summer.


  1. Emma- it all sounds wonderful. Have a great time!

  2. Thanks very much Regina. I'm just getting packed for the train now!

    (I'm also quite excited about my first train trip in Canada!)

    Take care