Facing the Music

When I was invited back to play with my former band for a one-off show I wasn't sure what to expect.

Late last year I made the decision to leave the band that I'd been playing in for nine months.

It wasn't an easy decision.

I had thoroughly enjoyed the experience of playing in this band, it was the first 'rock band' that I'd joined (I'd lead my own jazz groups before, but that was very different), my bandmates were good friends and I'd enjoyed getting out and performing again.

For various reasons I wasn't able to commit to being a full time band member any longer, and at our first rehearsal of 2009 I broke the news to the gang.

Fortunately, everyone was very supportive. We resolved that our January show in Toronto would be my last one with the group, and we made it a good one.

This weekend, I had the pleasure of being invited to share the stage with them once more in Toronto as a guest at their Silver Dollar show.

Coming back was an interesting experience.

They've changed and evolved as a four-piece group. They've played more shows without me now than they played with me, and they have matured as a band together.

Despite this, they made space for me. I wasn't sure how it would feel going into the practise studio, but they made me feel very welcome.

We had one rehearsal before the show where I learned the changes to the set, and some new material. I brought in my horn and melodica, but we opted to leave the Farfisa organ out for practical reasons (It's big and unwieldy, and I had a lot of other parts to remember and learn).

It was great to be an honorary member again for the night, and some very nice words were said about it on The Basement Rug.

So thanks to The Caraways for having me back for the night, it was fun.

You can listen to a track from that night at the Mechanical Forest Sound blog

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