Telling the Truth

I rediscovered this tidbit the other day, tucked into one of my notebooks:

"tell your version of the truth
however inexpert it may be"

I couldn't remember where I picked it up from, but I knew that it was a fairly recent addition, and with a small amount of digging I found the source.
It came from a great post about writing with authenticity by Joanna Young on her Confident Writing blog.

These words in particular resonated with me. I picked them up and collected them eagerly when I first read them, and it gave me joy to rediscover them.

I find it enormously comforting to read this sentence. It is a sentence that I need. It reminds me that it's okay for me to muddle along in my own way.

I like it because it says to me, "don't worry, your voice is important too."

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