Replacing Assumption

I've realised that I've been assuming too much lately.  
Assuming that I know what a carrot tastes like, assuming I know what my street looks like, what my husband's voice sounds like, assuming I know the feel of paper. 

This might sound funny, but I'll try to explain:  These are everyday things that I know very well; I've stopped experiencing them because they are so familiar to me.

But every carrot does not taste and feel the same, my street is ever-changing, the range of timbres in a voice are endless and paper takes many different forms and textures.

I've decided that I'd like to start replacing assumptions in favour of experience.  To not go through my daily routine in a somnambulant haze, but to experience the many interesting and not so interesting moments that make up my days.  

The other evening I took the same streetcar route that I take every day on my way home. Rather than stew about the inhumanity of commuters and blankly stare ahead, I stood in my little patch and looked out of the window - but really looked.  

From my moving high platform I saw things that I had never seen before on a route that I take many times in a week.  I saw intriguing alleyways, with interesting looking doors, I saw curling graffiti letters, peeling paint on brick.  I noticed a building I'd never seen before; it was red brick with pretty curves in metal-work that framed the lower half of floor-to-ceiling windows.  I noticed new housing developments in the distance, and I saw the warped reflection of our vehicle speeding by as we passed three large mirrored panes.

It certainly made for a more interesting ride home.

What have you been noticing lately?

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