Can Junkmail be a Writing Tool?

My office email address seems to be constantly bombarded with junkmail.
What really annoys me is when it's a spoof email that masquerades as if it comes from my account, or that of one of my colleagues. (although the topic in the subject line is usually a bit of a give-away) The tricky thing is that I can't block the sender's domain in this case, because all of my work emails then end up in the junk mail. It's very frustrating.

So, in order to stop wasting time being annoyed at my inbox, and to try and be a happier and more productive person in the morning, I've started a new game. It's even got me looking in my junk mail folder before I click 'delete forever'.

The game? I've been collecting character names.

My favourites so far:

Reggie Prescott
Dave Flanagan
Evelyn Hall
Doris Lee
Johanna Mann
Dr. Edward Williams
Althea Longoria

Any good names in your mail this morning?!


  1. I got one from "Brandy"...that could be a good character name!


  2. Devar Kellar..that's another just come in...