10 Favourite Bits

It was a busy but lovely weekend.  Here are some of my favourite bits:

1. Seeing one of my favourite Canadian Jazz artists - the beautiful and talented Kate Hammett-Vaughan - perform with Bill Coon at the Academy of Spherical arts last night.  It was an inspiring evening

2. Going on a car trip out of the city to see friends

3. Hearing 'The Planets' through G's Tannoy Berkeleys (very nice speakers) with my eyes closed, and feeling as though the orchestra would be in front of me if I opened my eyes

4. Getting the new motor working on our turntable and listening to records with P (Yes, lots of music geekery this weekend)

5. Having a nice chat with Mum and Dad, and knowing that I will be seeing them very soon.

6. Being so very proud of my husband's work at the test screening on Saturday

7. Having eggs and fruit again.  Every new thing we add back into the diet is such an exciting episode! (see this post to explain why)
8. Walking.  Not to the park this weekend, unfortunately, but there were lots of nice walking bits in various parts of the city.

9. Going shopping in my favourite vintage shop

10.  A great post-screening gathering on Saturday where, along with seeing friends, I met some very talented, interesting and fun people.

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