Spring Cleaning

Tomorrow P and I embark upon a spring 'detox' - just in time for Easter unfortunately.  
(We don't have family in town, so we wouldn't be feasting anyway, but I was a tiny bit wistful when I saw hot cross buns in a shop today.)
I wanted the diet to be finished in time for us to go to M's wedding in Winnipeg - chocolate will have to wait until then.  

I've never done a proper detox regime before, so I'm looking forward to seeing how it makes me feel. (Hopefully full of energy, inspiration and enthusiasm!)

I'm in the mood for clearing out old winter sluggishness to make way for the renewed energy that spring brings, and I've been going through a bit of spring cleaning madness in all aspects of my life - body, mind, spirit, apartment... so far, it all feels pretty good.

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  1. And three days into it we are still sane!