Quinoa & Chekhov

Day 5 of the Detox and I'm getting quite proficient in the various forms of alternate grain porridge. Quinoa and teff are definite favourites.

I can't lie to you, Saturday (day 2) I was absolutely bonkers with sugar withdrawal, and as I walked through my neighbourhood the delicious smells from the Polish bakeries were almost too much to bear.

It was such a lovely day, a bit chilly, but with brilliant sunshine. The street was packed with families, and everyone seemed to be carrying little baskets of baked goods covered with pretty crocheted doilies.

I'm doing much better now with the sweet tooth, and take comfort in the fact that I will definitely be enjoying some very good quality dark chocolate when this is all finished!

Creatively speaking, part of my nourishment has been this wonderful little volume.

I was delighted when found it at a second hand bookshop. I love the green cloth cover with the gold detailing.

Beyond the physical aspects of the book, of course I am captivated by the beautiful stories. This morning I finished "La Cigale", which is one of my favourites so far, along with "Kashtanka".


  1. That list reads like Edgar Wright's reading of imdb keywords!

    "Chekhov, creativity, detox, reading, Toronto"


  2. Oh god, and here's me goin on about Jelly Tots! Do some detoxing for me, will ya?

  3. Only if you'll save me a Jelly Tot!