Postcard Story

A couple of months ago, I entered a postcard story competition. It's the first writing competition I've entered since I was about 9 when I won a WH Smith voucher for one of my stories (a proud moment indeed!)
The limit for the postcard competition was 250 words. I'd never written a story in so few words before, but I was looking
forward to challenging myself.

The first couple of drafts were nothing more than a descriptive passage; there wasn't really any story to it at all. Then I began to look again and work with the words, and gradually the story began to emerge.
Getting rid of one of my favourite lines was the key to shaping it up further, and I put every word on trial to see if it really needed to be there.

I'm not sure how successful I was in my end result, and the outcome of the competition is not announced until May, but it was a very interesting challenge to go through.

Then last week I discovered the author Sarah Salway's fantastic blog, where she has many incredibly delicious 50 word photo stories. Each one is written to match a photo that she has taken, and I love them!

My next challenge perhaps...

Image by D Sharon Pruitt

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