Deadlines and Work Avoidance

I'm over half-way through the detox (day 13 of 21 to be precise) and the first 6 days of headaches, crankiness and tiredness have given way to a slightly better-rested, more energetic me.

Our household has been extremely busy during this time because the Mister is putting the finishing touches on a soundtrack that he is composing, with a deadline fast looming. Every spare minute is devoted to finessing, editing, mixing, recording - all of this in our little home studio.
Soon, the culmination of many months of work will be delivered and out of his hands.

At that point we will have only a few more days to go until we can celebrate with a nice bottle of wine (and a nice G & T, and a piece of lovely dark chocolate, oh, and some cheese too...).

I realised that some of my writing projects (the ones that have been languishing comfortably for 'when I've got a bit more time') could do with a deadline.

But then I managed to procrastinate again by writing a menu for the rest of the week's meals (I never do this)

Nicola Morgan calls it work avoidance strategies (WAS). I seem to be really good at it.


  1. The Mister is indebted to the blogger (the Missus) here for she is one hell of an engineer and if it wasn't for her I would surely have ended in the loony bin some time ago...

    My kingdom for a Guinness....


  2. WAG eh?

    That seems to be a great trait, (or perhaps not so much great) of mine too. Wonder who we get that from?!!

    I was just cleaning out my hotmail, I visit my hotmail account once and a while and clear out all the junk mail and then discover who thinks I have been ignoring them!

    Great start to your blog!


  3. Thanks Kev! Yes, must definitely run in the family!

  4. I like your website antie itr looks great!!!

    Lots Of Love KK kaky

  5. Thank you Kaitlin, I'm glad you like it!