A Beginning

Hello World.

This is my first foray into the land of Blog. I come here to share words, ideas, inspiration and fun. I hope that you enjoy your visit.

Today, it is raining.

Rainy days make me feel like writing. Or, at least, they make me feel like feeling like a writer. I sit at my desk with a nice cup of tea, a lamp on to counteract the grey gloom. I look out of the window periodically, I hear the wet sounds of the traffic outside and the drip-drop on the ledge, and it takes me to a pensive place.

Living in Canada, there is something even more special about the spring rain, because it comes after months of long snowy winter and heralds the warmer days to come. It also reminds me of England, where I grew up.

Rainy days have a mood, like a wash of soft guitar sound in a musical landscape, and even though I adore the sunshine there is nothing that compares to a rainy day for bringing out my desire to dream.

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