He liked Tom Petty.

On the night they met she bailed him out of a bogus gaol.
She was a fake whore (it was for some cheesy fund-raiser) and he took her number, written in smudgy eye-liner on the back of his hand.

One afternoon, as they watched television, he pointed at the clock and told her she could make a wish.

Later he kissed her, and as she hurried back for geography she thought about the red numbers: 2:22

EK 2013

A loose connection and a spot of French Horn

Fixing things today at Echosound HQ. The lads are cooking up a few things for their most recent project and a key microphone was down.

Luckily the problem was just a loose connection.

A quick solder job and they were back in business. They even asked me in on the session later in the day, recording my French Horn on the newly-repaired equipment.

Paying Attention through Small Stones

Back in September 2011 I took  an e-course (Writing as a Spiritual Practise) with Fiona Robyn through Writing Our Way Home. These are fragments (or Small Stones as Fiona calls them - a polished moment of paying proper attention) I recorded as part of the course.

1. She ran from me, weaving through tables,
watching strangers' faces, laughing.
Her steps joyful, clumsy but without inhibition.

2. I let the music flow through me and out of me
Singing out fragments of memories buried within familiar melodies.

3. Blood sticky and bright red covers small hands that do not want to remain still.

4. Perfect orb catches the light, streaked with iridescence. A face upturned. Outstretched fingers fail to capture the fragile sphere.

5. Pale pink petals, papery now and edged with brown. They droop apart, spilling down to rest on a stem still tied with two ribbons.

6. He sat, his back to us, watching. We surprised him coming from the other way. He turned. Waiting, insular, to open, loving in an instant.

7. She picks up a small, fluffy grey feather, examines it, then shows it to me. "from a bird" I say.


Fun Archive - Stunt Family

During my footage research today I uncovered this amazing little video of a stunt family. How that mother can throw knives at her adorable little girls I don't know, but it's a pretty amazing performance!

(From the Prelinger Archives)

The 9th Glenn Gould Prize

I had an exciting time this morning at the announcement of the 9th Glenn Gould Prize.

There was a delightful performance of Beethoven's Spring sonata by students Emma (11) and Tony (12).

Shortly afterwards, they introduced the jury members, which included Atom Egoyan, Gary Graffman, and (a highlight for me because I'm an enormous fan) Stephen Fry.

Then the recipient was announced - Leonard Cohen. Everyone applauded enthusiastically and I don't think I was alone in glancing around the room half-expecting to see the man himself!

Alas he did not appear (deliberations concluded only last night) but he did send a message to be read.

There will be an official award event at a later date.

You can read more about it all here

And here's Mr. Fry!!

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