Fridge Magnet Prompts

First in a series: the Fridge Magnet Prompts.

7 randomly selected words which may be rearranged in any manner that is interesting to you.

Choose the order, then write a story.


He liked Tom Petty.

On the night they met she bailed him out of a bogus gaol.
She was a fake whore (it was for some cheesy fund-raiser) and he took her number, written in smudgy eye-liner on the back of his hand.

One afternoon, as they watched television, he pointed at the clock and told her she could make a wish.

Later on he kissed her, and as she hurried back for geography she thought about the red numbers: 2:22

EK 2013

A loose connection and a spot of French Horn

Fixing things today at Echosound HQ. The lads are cooking up a few things for their most recent project and a key microphone was down.

Luckily the problem was just a loose connection.

A quick solder job and they were back in business. They even asked me in on the session later in the day, recording my French Horn on the newly-repaired equipment.

Winging it.

It's been a long time since I've posted here regularly and I'd like to try again.
Part of my reticence has been an inability to know what this thing is about.
When I try to define it, it doesn't work.

So I'm going to wing it. See what happens.
But, I do know that in order to have the best chance of succeeding I do need to have at least some sort of a roadmap, so here goes:

Content will consist of:
- inspiring/beautiful words & ideas that I have come across
- photos
- some of my own writing experiments
- accounts of my random cooking/artwork/creating experiments
- other musings on any/all of the above

I'm making up my own rules here, so I reserve the right to amend as I see fit.

If you are reading, thank you for your time. I'll try to make any future visits worthwhile by posting beautiful and/or useful content, and doing my best to not be dull.

Which is why I'll stop now.